In studying this classic art of karate an appreciation and development of self-respect with an understanding for the importance of an empowered individual brings forth the very best in every endeavor each person pursues. Simplistically it increases the individual’s value in every category of life. Yes, it really does make you cooler. Our martial art training is unique in that it provides all of the advantages of organized sports received from individual, team, competitive, and non-competitive activities. Providing the close ties of a positive family environment encouraging our guiding principles which are honor, loyalty, courage, character, self-discipline, self-control, respect, courtesy, prudence, good sportsmanship, and patience is just a part of what makes this program magnificent. These guiding principles expressly offer the basics of growth that lead to an implied way of living while maintaining simplicity.

Austin Okinawan Karate would like to provide this type of enrichment not just to the students of the school, but also to their siblings and parents. “The family that plays together stays together” … or … “The family that kicks together sticks together.” As you are aware, too many children receive good leadership at school or church only to go home to an environment that is directly and non-directly contrary with this leadership. Providing our martial art opportunity to the household will bring the family unit into unification point of view. This type of unification is taken past the individual’s home to their community, from their community to their country, and from their country to their world. Some examples of how this has been carried out in the recent past are providing training, tournament competition, and interaction guided by master instructors from all over the world. Our instructors and students alike are consistently complimented on their etiquette, friendly yet non yielding spirit, and technical ability. These areas have earned each one of us respect locally and around the world.

We invite you to come visit one or our classes. Come see if this is something that is missing from your life; something that you would like to choose for you and your family.