This is an exclusive martial art group that is considered to be “old school” by those that have been around the martial arts business for many years. While classes are provided in a manner that most anyone can participate they are also classes than are not for everyone. Would you like to know what makes us unique from other professional martial arts groups?

The ways are numerous and stand out above many other martial arts group. As you can see the practices listed below are methods that will take away from the financial progression for a professional martial artist. However, we want our classes to be the best and we want people to select our group to train with for the long term.

1. We will not accept a student until they have participated in a complimentary class. It is important that each person understands what kind of class they will be joining before they put any money toward payment of tuition.

2. We watch after each students best interest by making sure they receive equipment known to be of high quality at the most reasonable price.

3. We attempt to provide the best learning environment possible by not enrolling more than 20 students at a time in the seriously minded classes. While this displaces income potential it gives each student more individual focus and instruction.

4. We provide individual attention to students. We want to hear from each student if they will not be attending class, or if they are having trouble. We also want to know when our students enjoy success at work, home, or school.

5. We provide a complete martial arts curriculum that is certainly not the easiest one available to learn, but certainly holds a very high value. It will increase your value in more than your self-defense, self-confidence, and self-reliance. Many find that with this training their value increases at work, at home, at school, etc.

6. We don’t use a billing company to impartially and aggressively go after you if you are a day late turning in your tuition.

7. We educate people in various ways other than just martial arts activities to help them become better and healthier citizens.

8. We are connected with other international martial arts instructors and have open invitations to train with them.

9. We produce a noticeable high quality training so as we interact with other martial artist around the world many have openly recognize and respect our studies as being of high quality.

Certainly there are more examples, but this is just a few. I don’t know of any other martial art organization that currently gives this much to each of their students at any price. That does not mean that they are not out there somewhere, but it does show how choosing this group for your martial arts training puts you into an elite group.